kayla burris.PNG

Kayla Burris

Her name is Kayla Burris. She is fifteen years old but everyone thinks shes grown. Her two birds are the most important things to her. She likes to write raps and poetry. Chances are she once cared what you thought about her but she no longer gives a hoot. She also loves the word hoot. It makes her laugh. Kayla is somewhat politically active and will not refrain from expressing her opinions. She is open minded and passionate. She also likes animals way more than people. Favorite movie: The Perks of being a Wallflower. Favorite color: Red or Pink. She doesn’t have a favorite song due to the fact that there are so many great ones, however a good one is "golden dandelions" by Barns Courtney. Kayla is a very bold person and she has a really bad resting (you know) face. Please don’t be scared off by this, she’s actually nice and probably doesn’t want to murder you even though she looks like it.

sam buschur.JPG

Samantha Buschur

Samantha Buschur is a normal teenager that spends way too much time working at Putters and in her bedroom watching Netflix. When she is not doing one of those two she is at volleyball practice or hanging out with her friends.

jadyn butcher.png

Jadyn Butcher

Jadyn is a 15 year old girl who has a lot of interest in school. Jadyn also loves to play softball and spend time with her family.

mimi d.jpg

Mimidoo Dyegh

Mimi is a generally nice person, who spends the majority of her time sleeping, eating and watching Netflix. Essentially, you can find her drawing, writing, and singing. She enjoys traveling, especially the plane rides- because you can sleep in 7 miles in the air - and she loves trying new foods from everywhere on the planet possible. If she could learn every language in the world she would but she’s a little too lazy for that kind of task. She loves to learn, If only there was a way to do that from the comfort of her own bed. That's the gist of her.


jason eversole.jpg

Jason Eversole

Jason Eversole spends his time working at Crunch Fitness and playing baseball. He often eats at Chipotle and Putters. You can find him at home playing NHL or at work.

nomi k.jpg

Nomie Khishigjargal

The girl with the long last name, mediocre artist, avid mushroom lover, and a Darren Aronofsky enthusiast.

sydney kuritar.png

Sydney Kuritar

You look on the basketball court and there she is. When she’s not on the court she’s at her job. Working hard on and off the court she never gives up; believes in herself. She writes to get her feelings out. She writes to be herself.

nick langford.jpg

Nicholas Langford

Nicholas Langford reclusively revolves around a planet, perceived by him to have been carefully, cooperatively, and scarily constructed to drive out the very essence of what it is that makes humanity beautiful. Why this is not evident to the entirety of his species, he finds both fascinating and far too obvious. Perhaps as a means to study it with depth of heart, to understand it’s many suppressive intricacies, or participate in some revival, if only personally, that celebrates the free, the abstract, and the raw: he writes. Doing so under the influence of conflicting philosophies, passionate writers, transcendent musicians, but most importantly: history, both academic and personal, that is his most faithful instructor.

ashley looker.png

Ashley Looker

sarah mills.png

Sarah Mills

Sarah Mills is a senior in high school. She enjoys playing softball, music, animals, cooking, and writing. Sarah spends most of her time playing softball and working out. She will be attending Muskingum University next fall to study early childhood education and play on their softball team.

Olivia Neidich.png

Olivia Neidich

Olivia Neidich or simply Olivia. Hobbies include, being outside, being active, and going out with her friends. Olivia can be easily found in a Chipotle with her friends. She works retail on the weekends.

desiray nichols.png

Desiray Leann Nichols

Awkward, pet lover, outgoing when comfortable around people, loving and caring, ambitious

max payne.jpg

Max Payne

Trans man extraordinaire, lover of birds and lukewarm on people, occult enthusiast, and an aspiring real life April Ludgate.

caroline perry.jpeg

Caroline Perry

An equestrian, self taught musician, professional procrastinator, and fiction writer. Can often be found in her pajamas binging Netflix.

faith phillips.png

Faith Phillips

Faith is a somewhat quiet girl, but once you get to know her, you will find that she is outgoing and is very talkative. Faith is very hard to figure out because she likes to keep to herself unless she really knows you. She expresses herself through music, and the love she has for singing and playing different instruments is unreal. Her whole life is filled with music and she wouldn’t want it any other way. Faith was never really into many sports, but she has found a love for tennis her freshman year of high school. She is surrounded by her loving family that supports her in every decision she makes. Faith is overall a girl who is very goofy and laughs at very inappropriate times.

mance ranne.jpg

Mance Ranne

Mance is an aspiring illustrator that enjoys the process behind works of art. He enjoys drawing portraits, and attributing personalities to the people he creates. He enjoys lo-fi and mellow music, and tends to enjoy background noise behind most activities. Mance tends to enjoy his privacy and space, but he thrives in the company of friends and those he’s close with. 

emily reedy.png

Emily Reedy

You can usually find Emily with the people she loves the most. She enjoys hikes, cute dates, laughter, and the company of dogs! She is a soft-serve ice cream aficionado at Whipty-Do during the spring and summer. She values honesty, family, and purpose.

bailey rose.JPG

Bailey Rose

Bailey Rose is a senior in high school. She enjoys baking, Taylor Swift, painting, and reading. She hates white chocolate, and also writing about herself. In her free time she watches tv and movies. She plans on attending the University of Cincinnati next fall to study Early Childhood Education.

jennifer sawicki.jpg

Jennifer Sawicki

Jennifer Sawicki grew up with a passion for music and creating art through her own abilities. Since the age of ten, she aspired to create pieces for others to enjoy and take inspiration from. She takes what is around her and manipulates it into ideas and creative work. She creates life through the twists and turns of her tool. 

hailey schatzmann.jpg

Hailey Schatzmann

Hailey enjoys playing ice hockey and lacrosse, she is also planning to study special education at Kent State University.

megan smith.png

Megan Smith

Megan Smith enjoys hiking, painting, playing piano, singing, and writing. She spends most of her free time in coffee shops or hiking. She loves being creative, trying new things and is also very interested in meditation. Megan’s dream is to travel, and live in as many different places as possible.

kayla stallo.jpg

Kayla Stallo

Kayla can mostly be found in the confines of her room reading, writing and of course watching Netflix. She loves to mess around with new makeup and hairstyles and from time to time you can find her dancing around the living room.

bailey steiger.JPG

Bailey Steiger

Bailey Steiger loves to have spontaneous adventures with her friends and family while spreading the love of Jesus.

kaelyn stenger.jpg

Kaelyn Stenger

Hardworking softball player, Aries, confident in everything she does, motivated human

lily tepe.jpg

Lily Tepe

Lily Tepe is a junior in high school and is deeply passionate about the arts. Her favorite hobbies include writing poetry, painting, singing, and watching movies. One day, she hopes to be able to sell her collection of poems and her artwork in the future. 

chase walker.PNG

Chase Walker

Chase, 18, Doctor, Loving father, actually 42, shhhhh dont tell anyone. He likes music.

felicity walker.jpg

Felicity Walker

Felicity Walker is not a typical teenager; she still acts like a child but spends many hours working at Great wolf lodge as a lifeguard. When not working normally she’s with her best friend finding something crazy to do or stressing about life.

danette windsor.png

Danette Windsor

Dannette Windsor enjoys writing stories and drawing in her free time. She is a quiet and shy girl who doesn’t share her writings out loud in fear they will be judged. She works at Marco’s Pizza in Maineville, she has written a bunch of stories but never finished one she hopes to change that this year.