February's theme was love.

"The Nature of Love" by Sarah Mills
Their hearts beat in time
like rain hitting a window
Their hands intertwined
like the roots of a willow

And their love bloomed
like tulips in the spring
Their love flourished
like the wildflower meadows

Their conversations everlasting
like the babbling of a stream
And their love bloomed
like fruits in the summer

Their walls fell
like the leaves of a tree
Their feelings a whirlwind
like the autumn breeze

And their love bloomed
like the mums in fall
Their love was unique
like snowflakes

Their love was beautiful
like newly fallen snow
And their love bloomed
like snowdrops in winter

"She is Color" by Desiray Nichols

The colors around me fade a deep gray

As she slips away

Skin turns sickly and rosy lips turn faint and pale

Vibrant green eyes with golden flakes become dark and dull

Tears cascade from my once blue eyes as i weep of two losses

The loss of love and beautiful color

"She Fell in Love" by Bailey Rose

She fell in love
with the way
the freckled sky
when the sun went to sleep.
                                                                 She fell in love
                                                                   with the way
                                                              the sea kissed the
                                                       despite being pushed away.
                                                                                                                                      She fell in love
                                                                                                                                         with the way
                                                                                                                                             the petals
                                                                                                                                            hide away
                                                                                                                       from the cold of winter.

“Just One More Time” by Kayla Stallo   

He takes my hand, holds it for dear life

We run to the edge and dare to never look back

My laughter echoing around us

Once we reach our destination

The moon shines brightly above us

The wind howls and whips my face

He turns to me

And picks me up

In a secure embrace

He leans in and whispers

“I love you, don’t ever forget it”

That was the moment I knew he was my forever

 Now I’m standing here

Waiting for you to jump out of the shadows

But you’ll never be back

I wish you were here

To see what I have accomplished

And hold me in your secure embrace

Just one more time 

I stand on the edge in my gown

My knuckles gripping my diploma tightly

“I love you too Daddy”

"Redneck Love" by Bailey Steiger
You are the dip to my lip
The red to my neck
The mud to my tire
The fish to my hook
The bullet to my gun
The white to my trash
The hill to my billy
Without you, my life would be silly.