October's theme is horror. 

"Snow Angels" by Anna Cavanaugh

        A new layer of fresh white snow, trickled down.  The red brick house shivered and the wind howled.  Security alarms rang..  Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Once the homeowners were notified, they darted home from work, trudging in the snow.  Police approached and searched through their blackened binoculars and the coast was clear like purified water.

Once everything seemed safe, Megan and Mike entered the home with their baby and began cooking lunch just as they would any other day. Their cat continuously ran in circles then hid which was odd because the cat was ancient and would not normally disperse throughout the house. Suddenly, they heard a knocking on the door. The food steamed and Megan answered the door.  No one was in sight either direction.  Megan closed the door and  wrapped her baby in blue cotton and decided to put the baby down for a nap since it was getting late into the afternoon.  The baby’s breath filled the silent air. After Megan laid the baby on the couch to sleep, she descended down to the musty, old basement to clean out their storage area. Abruptly, she heard whispers on the baby monitor.

“Honey,” she uttered thinking maybe it was Mike, her husband.

No response was made.  Mike was also sound asleep but he was upstairs.

“WAAAAAAAA,” the baby screamed. Panic stroked onto Megan’s face.  She leaped up the cement stairs, scraping her feet and ran to her baby, instantly .

“Hush, it’s ok.”  The baby points toward the back door, that is now propped open. Megan gasped.  The window screen was also lifted just enough for a small hand to fit through.  Megan froze then slammed the door shut, and peeked through the window. When she did not see anything she dialed 911 on her phone, shakily.  The police came to investigate again and the alarms screamed again.

Minutes passed. “It’s all clear”, the policeman stated.  “If you have any more concerns give us a call back.”

There were no footprints in the snow but the baby still pointed. Someone had been in their house. Megan felt helpless but could only think that the snow angels must have been watching over.

Haunted Houses of America by Hunter Bishop

For October’s submission I decided I am going to do something super classic. It is one of the things people think about when you say the word “horror”. Yep, it’s haunted houses. Now, I’m not talking about the haunted houses that you go to around Halloween to get a fright and spend time with your friends. I am talking about ACTUAL haunted houses. This paper is going to be two of America’s haunted houses that I found the most interesting. I hope you enjoy (insert creepy laugh). P.S., the videos go along with the explanation. Watch the video for a visual.

Winchester Mystery House

Our first haunted house on our list is called the Winchester Mystery House. This house is located in San Jose, California.This home was built by a woman named Sarah Winchester. According to a video I am going to link below, she worked on this home until she died. The beginnings of this home are actually quite sad. Sarah built this home after her daughter and her husband both passed away to illness. What came of this is actually creepy. In order to help her cope with her losses, Sarah went to see a medium. The medium told her that if she didn’t build an attractive house, the spirits of those that were killed by the gun her husband made would harm her. She was told to build a house in which the work would never end. Sarah purchased a ranch house and hired workers to work on it. The way the home looks on the inside is what creeps people out the most. Hallways twist and turn, stairs start to go up and then they end abruptly when the meet the ceiling, there are secret passageways, doors are opened and all that is on the inside is a wall, and much more. There are 160 rooms in this place so you could definitely get lost! As of right now, I am pretty sure you can actually tour this place yourself. For people that can’t go there or are to old/have disabilities can purchase a 45 minute tour walkthrough for $22.

Video Link: https://goo.gl/3HP21w


Lizzie Borden House

    This next house has very messed up story although it was never proven EXACTLY what had happened. This house is located in Fall River Massachusetts. The story is that Lizzie Borden lived in her father and stepmother’s home. Lizzie hated her stepmom. She ended up killing her stepmom and her father with an axe. Well, this is what we all think but she was never actually charged with the murders even though her alibi (that she was in the barn eating pears) seemed fishy. The thing that seems to attract people to the house is that the mystery of the murders never were solved. Would you dare to spend a night in the house? It is actually still open as a bed and breakfast.

Video Link: https://goo.gl/GNahi2

"School of Haunted Memories" by Gabrielle McClimans

          It was the 2006-2007 school year. First grade. I had all sorts of friends in my class. We had certain rotations of gym, music, library and art. I miss being so young and tiny and when music classes were still more of a thing. But there is definitely one thing I will not miss, and that was the bathroom down in the basement by the music room.
          It was just a standard school day in Morrow Elementary. I was six or maybe even seven years old at the time. But the building was old and worn out. The paint on every wall was peeling off in one place or another. Every section in the building had its own staircase, some more hidden than others. Cobwebs would build in the corners and they usually contained a small spider of a sort. I remember the main staircase, one way leading down or the other that lead up. Up one flight led you to the main hallway for first graders. Go up again and you were where the third and fourth graders were. But going all the way down to the basement was for the second graders. But the thing that was the most creepy was the bathrooms.
          Most of the bathroom walls were a tan color with the florescent lights making the walls appear as an orange color. Many pipes led in different directions along the walls in the bathroom. The lights were caged in and the sinks were old and kind of yellow. The stalls were in strips along the back. Just a very simple bathroom.
          It was a sunny day and it was the day for music class with Ms. Iannelli. It was in the music room, down a more elusive stairwell. There were two rooms down there. It was a three by three tile area. One room was for music and the other was a bathroom. Music that day was so much fun. We were playing a whole bunch of games that day like freeze dance and musical chairs. We were even learning a song to sing. I decided to use the bathroom. I walked in and used the bathroom. While I was in the stall, I heard footsteps, more like the clicking of high heels hitting the floor and then the sink turned on, letting the water run. I felt the color drain from my face as I quickly ran out of the bathroom. My heart was racing and I was also shaking as shivers were sent up my spine. I would never use the bathroom down there again after that incident! To this day, thinking of that happening gives me the chills.